Auto Like Facebook 2014 + 2015 – Auto Liker Facebook

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Auto Like Facebook 2014 and 2015 – Find Auto Liker Facebook  simply


In this blog, i’m willing to share to all of you the way for Auto Like Facebook quite simply and 100% free. We just spend a little of time to get a big number of Facebook Likes. Let’s go and enjoy:

1. Principle of Auto Likes:

- You join the community to get points, use these points for community Auto like you.

2. Advantage:

- True Likes, from quality facebook accounts

- Free 100% and no need to make creative contents

3. Performing:

Step 1: Visit website :


Step 2: Sign Up by a valid email (free and get 50 free points)

Step 3: You Like other members in community to get points

(These points will be used to pay for the ones who like your fanpage later)

- Choose Facebook Likes item:


- You will get 2-9 points for each time liking depend on the setting of fanpage you’ve just liked.

- Click Like Button, a new facebook fanpage window appears, just click Like then then munually close the facebook window:


- Then the points are auto added to your balance:


(You also can get points from Like/Follow/View… others on the Website)


Step 4: Community Auto Like your fanpage:

- You add your fanpage URL into item “Add site/page”:


- Fill in your Fanpage address (URL):


- You set number of points for each time community likes your fanpage (2-10 points). The higher point is, the faster your fanpage’s Like increases.

- Click “Add Site/Page” and refresh fanpage to enjoy the increasement of Likes on your Fanpage.


Good luck and have enjoyed!


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